How to make cold-brew at home!

I love preparing cold brew coffee at home. It is so relaxing nice process. Very simple as well! I like to use organic ground coffee from Peru – Machu Picchu (brand Caf├ęDirect). You can find it on Amazon. This fair trade 100% organic arabica is dried under the sun and roasted in England. I love it’s smell so much. It has slightly chocolate-nutty flavor.

How I usually make cold brew:

You will need measuring cup or nutrition kitchen scale, glass jars with the lid, cotton coffee filter cloth (I am using organic cotton bag from Casa Organica – Tierra Verde from Czech Republic), strainer, spoon, filtered water and of course coffee.

  • 1/2 cup (40g) of ground coffee
  • 3 cups (650ml) filtered water (room temperature)
  • Put the coffee into the glass jar and pour the filtered water over it.
  • Put the lid on, then store it in the fridge for 10-24 hours depends how strong you like your coffee. (Usually I leave it overnight so we have it ready in the morning.)

Next morning prepare glass jar, strainer and cotton coffee filter cloth (bag).

Put clean coffee filter cloth into the strainer, put the strainer on the jar and slowly pour your cold brew in. Slower the better. If you pour it very quickly it tends to be more bitter. Don’t squeeze the coffee just let it drain.

After the draining is done put your coffee in the jar with the lid and store it the fridge. You can also mark a date on the jar.

I think it is a nice habit to mark the date on the jar (with fix for glass) this way I don’t store my coffee too long. Of course the best taste is fresh. I don’t keep it (as a concentrate) no longer than 5 days. You should be able to store it up to a week but the taste degrades.

Cold brew coffee is little bit stronger than regular coffee. You should dilute it with some water (I use 2 coffee : 1 water) and a lot of ice cubes. You can dilute it also with some milk or add a cream.

One great thing about cold brew is that is smoother and less acidic. If you love coffee but have acid reflux or acidity afterwards you may try cold brew coffee it should not be so irritating for your stomach.

I love to smell coffee, I love to prepare coffee for people, I love to sit in coffee bars for hours but I don’t drink it regularly. This way I believe it’s healthy way to drink coffee in my own way.

What to do with remaining coffee sediment?

After you squeeze the last drops into the sink you can put the coffee sediment on your compost in your garden, earthworms will thank you! Or put it near your plants as a barrier for the snails and then even aphids and ants than should stay away.

Because we have used organic coffee you can use it as a peeling for your skin. Just add some olive or coconut oil and you are ready to scrub! Your skin will be so soft afterwords. If you will combine it with honey you’ll get a nice facial mask.

You can even put coffee sediment into a small open jar or plate and leave it in the fridge it should absorb some unwanted smell.

If you don’t have garden, the simplest way is, to throw it into Biodegradable waste bin.

You should wash your coffee filter cloth by hand first and then add it to your laundry. Just be careful because the coffee can stain other pieces of laundry. So I wash it with kitchen cleaning cloths.

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